Echoes of Chicago

Echoes of Chicago is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening our community through the arts and innovative networking and cultural events
Echoes produces local arts, music, and performance events which benefit other local nonprofit organizations.
We believe that creativity is an essential tool for sustained growth and social consciousness in community and can be used to build a common voice for citizens to address concerns of inequity and injustice. Promoting various ideas, styles, and ideologies offers an opportunity to build an alliance that endorses a more cohesive rendition of what Chicago has to offer and what other people and groups are doing.

We believe this is possible through different ways of community involvement at many levels from youth programs, to sustainability projects, to urban developments, to culture shops, to artistic events, to neighborhood barbecues.

Echoes seeks out organizations and movements to support through our events and gatherings, we also encourage them to collaborate with us. In this way, community is built with the ability to foster new ideas and goals for the group as well as the individual participants.

Further Information
Echoes seeks out opportunities to engage Chicago’s communities of expression from theatre, festivals, dance, comedy, and more. We aim to establish public spaces that provide opportunities for people who work in all mediums, genres, and scenes to continually raise awareness of Chicago’s eclectic and thriving culture to travelers, locals, and artists alike.
Our slogan “when a drop hits, it ripples” means the smallest action creates impact. Our goal is to offer a supportive and welcoming vibe at all our events that encourages participation and blurs the line between artist and viewer. We all create community and craft the art of citizenship. Make ripples!
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Chicago  Illinois
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